What Are the Best Self Defence Security Products?

It is simply unbelievable that so many people are assaulted every day for just a few bucks or the coat of their back. It is vital that we protect ourselves from harm especially with today’s rising crime rates. More importantly, we must protect our loved ones both at home and when out and about. So many people think it will never happen to them – until it’s too late. Being unprepared is simply asking for trouble so what can be done protect ourselves from danger and attack?

By understanding what self defence security products that are on the market will help you make a choice of which is best for you and your family. There has never been a better time than now to arm yourself with the best self defence products for your protection.

One of the most effective self defence products is the Stunning Ring. Worn on the 1st or 2nd finger, this ring will disable an assailant instantly with an extremely powerful pepper spray. The beauty of the stunning ring is that it will be immediately available the instant you need it. It simply looks like a normal piece of jewelry so a potential attacker would have no idea what to expect. It is excellent if you are out jogging, on a date or in a club to combat against rape, violence or attack. It is activated by flipping the latch and pressing a button on the side of the ring. Once a pepper spray shot has been deployed a replacement canister can be purchased. These excellent self defence pepper spray rings retail at a very affordable $40.

If you are on a budget then a conventional pocket pepper spray could be for you. These retail at around $10 and contain 4 one second bursts of pepper spray. They are effective up to 8 feet. Complete in a leatherette holster to keep in your handbag, purse or pocket, they make a perfect accessory for your self defence requirements.

The Pepper Pager looks like any regular pager – but has one difference. It contains two 1/2 oz canisters of pepper shot and both are released at the same time. They have a great range of 8-12 feet to be sure of disabling the attacker. They contain 10-12 one second bursts. These retail at around $10 also.

Another discrete pepper spray device is the Pepper Spray Pen. An attacker will not suspect that your pen will hold pepper spray that will protect you from harm. Again, these cost around $10.

Keep safe and look after you and your family by keeping a pepper spray self defence product on your person at all times.